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The Escape-Mattress® Bariatric is designed for Evacuating obese people (up to 300kg) in lying position. The Escape-Mattress® Bariatric needs to be operated by several trained persons (depending on the weight of the person to be evacuated). Of course suitable for spiral staircases as well.

The Escape-Mattress® Bariatric is stored in the supplied storage bag.

CE certified and TÜV tested for 300kg payload.

There is no better and more durable quality available on the market than any of our Escape-Mattress® range.


  • Ready to use within seconds.
  • Equipped with extra drag cords.
  • With no less than 12 side handles for easier maneuvering.
  • Made of high quality & fire resistant materials.
  • 2 large body flaps per side with 6 fixation straps each
  • Blood-, urine-, acid and alkali resistant.
  • Adjustable head rest
  • Adjustable foot sack
  • Comes with storage bag.
  • CE & TÜV certified.


This Escape-Mattress® Bariatric is excellent for the safe evacuation of persons / patients with severe obesity.


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Article number: 21080
Dimensions (length x width): ± 200 x 86 cm
Mattress thickness: 2 cm
Maximum payload: 300 kg
Weight: ±10 kg incl. bag
Demonstration and advice provided:
Equipped with additional, movable drag straps:
Ready for use within seconds:
Speed of descent to be determined by the user:
Blood, urine-, acid- & alkali resistant:
Fire resistance classification M2:
Equipped with headrest, body-covers & foot sack:
Including storage bag:
Warranty on non-wearing parts: 6 years