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Hygienic, practical, easy to use and highly ergonomic.

The Escape-Mattress Mortipod is a new product that makes it easier to transport the deceased horizontally or over the stairs, with minimal impact on your back.

It is physically demanding work when having to carry the deceased through narrow passages and down narrow staircases. This has a major impact on the physical strain on people working in the funeral industry.
Through our experience and feedback from our customers, we have created an optimal solution. CE certified and TÜV tested and certified on 150kg pay load.


  • The Escape-Mattress Mortipod is a 3-in-1 solution. It is a towing mattress, carrying mattress and stretcher mattress as well.
  • The Escape-Mattress Mortipod helps you to meet the stringent health and safety regulations that are present in the UK when it comes to moving and handling of people, as it takes the strain away and makes lifting and moving the deceased less stressful.
  • The material of the Escape-Mattress Mortipod is very robust (towing across the ground), hygienic and easy to clean and doesn’t absorb moisture.
  • The Escape-Mattress Mortipod is narrower, allowing the Mortipod to be transferred onto a stretcher. Due to the Escape-Mattress Mortipod being narrow, it is more agile and therefore easier to use in confined spaces.
  • The Escape-Mattress Mortipod closes using a zip and buckles. This is much more hygienic than Velcro because the buckles do not absorb moisture. Clothes no longer get damaged by the Velcro and the buckles make much less noise than using Velcro.
  • There are 4 handles on each of the long sides. These handles are covered with soft plastic tubes which makes handling the Escape-Mattress Mortipod safe and user friendly.

The Escape-Mattress Mortipod is easy to store. Just close the body bag with the zip and buckles, clean the mattress with a disinfectant and fold away the pulling straps. Fold the Mortipod into the bag that has been supplied with the product.


The Escape-Mattress Mortipod is mainly used by coroners and undertakers.


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Article number Mortipod (without storage bag): 21050
Article number storage bag: 21051
Article number extra body bag: 21052
Article number extra head rest: 21053
Dimensions (length x width): 200 x 68 cm
Mattress thickness: 8 cm
Maximum payload: 150 kg
Weight: ca. 7.2 kg
Ready for use within seconds:
Free demonstration and expert advice in advance:
Speed of descent to be determined by the user:
3 in 1 solution for the undertakers/coroners:
Body bag detachable for easier cleaning:
Can be cleaned with disinfectant:
Compact and easy to store
Separate user manual available:
Warranty: 2 years
Colour: Mouse Grey